The Institute for blood transfusion of Vojvodina is established by the Government of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and represents the transfusion medicine institution of regional competence and importance. The Institute for Blood transfusion of Vojvodina in Novi Sad is the first institution in our country in the transfusion medicine field, which gained the ISO 9000 certificate in 1998. and ISO14000 in 2002. The institution provides the highest number of blood donations per year in our country. We are very proud that the Tissue Typing Compartment in our Institute is the first laboratory in Serbia that obtained the EFI accreditation, which happened in 2010. It is an honor that the most important organization in H&I in Europe, the EFI organization, approved our work.

The Organogram of the Department for laboratory diagnostics consists of four elements, including, the Tissue Typing Compartment where two physicians serve as  director and technical supervisor and two laboratory technicians perform the assays, among which one serves as Quality Assurance manager.

The first steps of our Compartment in process of EFI accreditation were when we started with participation in EPT in 2005. We obtained the first certificate for I HLA class serological typing from Wroclaw, Poland. In the years later, we gradually extended our activities and up to now we gained the satisfactory sertificates from Poland, Austria, Italy and Bulgary. The main and crutial event for our intentions to obtain the EFI accreditation, happened when our Commissioner, Dr Chryssa Papasteriades made the preinspection of our Compartment in 2008. Her visit, was the most imortant for us, because she encouraged us to apply for the EFI accreditation.


After that period and in 2009. we made following changes before the final application for the EFI accreditation. We invested a lot of our efforts and strenght

  • in establishing a new techniques,
  • on making corrections in our rutine work to fit with EFI stadards,
  • in establishing documents to fit  to all elements of  Quality Assurance Control wich consists of 5 elements
  •  and to gain satisfactory certificates for several techniques.


Our first on site inspection was on 12th July 2010. Our inspectors were Prof.dr Elisaveta Naumova as a representative of our region, and dr Blanka Vidan-Jeras. Our inspectors were very objective, frendly and open in their comunication. All their explanations and suggestions were clear and useful. The inspectors showed their great experiance, knowledge and competence in the field of H&I as well as for Quality Assurance issues. The whole onsite inspection passed comfortably and in very pleasant athmosphere and was very instructive and highly beneficial for our laboratory.


All documents necessary to obtain the EFI accreditation, including EFI standards and accreditation program, are very well prepared. They complitely and utterly clarify to the applicant what he should and must do. The procedure gave us the opportunity to make several consultations with our Commissioner, Dr Chryssa Papasteriades and to interact on  some technical items with the Manager of EFI Accreditation Office, Ms. Sonja Geelhoed.


The EFI accreditation is a great stimulus for our further work. In the futute, the Tissue Typing Compartment in the Institute for blood Transfusion of Vojvodina is planning to:

maintain the variety and level of all activities that were performed during the accreditation program

  • continue in monitoring and incorporating the changes in EFI standards
  • establish new techniques continuing in prosperity and progress
  • expand the number of EFI accredited categories
  •  achive re-accreditation in 2012

participate in activities requested for Serbia to become a full member of the Eurotransplant organization.




Assist.Prof. Vojvodić Svetlana MD.PhD.

HLA laboratory

Tissue Typing Compartmnet

Dept.for Laboratory Diagnostics

Institute for Blood Transfusion of Vojvodina

Novi Sad-Serbia