The importance of demonstrating compliance to good laboratory practice in the provision of laboratory services is established as a mission and vision of the Institute for blood transfusion of Vojvodina in Novi Sad.

Tissue Typing Compartment in the Institute for blood transfusion of Vojvodina is laboratory that provide assurance of the quality of the services they provide to Clinical Center of Vojvodina. In the field of transplantation, where donor organs and stem cells are exchanged across national boundaries, adoption of a common set of standards by laboratories across many different countries is an important factor. The EFI Accreditation program was established to provide assurance that Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics laboratories providing services for transplantation, transfusion and disease association testing meet the requirements of the specialty specific EFI standards.

In 2020. Tissue Typing Compartment has achieved its goal in renewing EFI accreditation.

EFI accreditation for our laboratory includes all possible categories provided by EFI accreditation:

-Renal and/or Pancreas transplantation

-Hematopoiestic Stem Cell Transplantation

-Other solid organ transplantation

-Disease tassociation studies


Tissue Typing Compartment in 2020. has certified all existing techniques except NGS for tissue typing and flow cytometry for cross matching due to lack of necessary equipment.



19.08.2020. in Novi Sad                                                                                                         

 Prof.dr Svetlana Vojvodić